• Ryan Weber

    Ryan Weber

  • Collin Brooke

    Collin Brooke

    digital rhetorics professor at Syracuse University. rarely accused of underthinking it.

  • Ms Kate Flowers

    Ms Kate Flowers

  • Chelsea


  • Karyn Lacy

    Karyn Lacy

    Sociology professor. Author of Zora Canon selection, Blue-Chip Black. Public writings appear in NYT, The Chronicle, and Public Seminar. Twitter: @KarynLacy

  • John Welford

    John Welford

    I am a retired librarian, living in a village in Leicestershire. I write fiction and poetry, plus articles on literature, history, and much more besides.

  • James R (Randy) Fromm

    James R (Randy) Fromm

  • Sharad Gupta

    Sharad Gupta


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